You know how important it is to get your wastewater treatment system right. Installing one is expensive and disruptive – and if anything goes wrong, the results can be disastrous (not to mention smelly!)

Biolytix has developed the BioPod to provide you with a system that’s an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional septic tanks. Rather than using noisy mechanical systems driven by electricity, the BioPod uses natural organisms to break down sewage and other organic waste, removing pathogens and leaving behind treated water for irrigation.


Benefits of choosing the Biolytix BioPod

It’s cheap to run. There are no mechanical aerators in the BioPod. It breaks down waste in the way nature intended – and nature doesn’t need electricity to do its job. The BioPod uses up to 90 percent less energy than most aerated sewage treatment systems, so you’ll save on power bills. Not only that, the lack of moving parts in the BioPod means that you’ll only need to service it once a year, compared to the 3-4 times other systems need.

It’s quiet. The BioPod won’t keep you or your family awake at night. Other systems have pumps and blowers that can run for 24 hours a day. But we’ve tested the BioPod in the factory and the field, and recorded a maximum of 40dB at just a metre. That’s quieter than a typical PC.

It doesn’t smell. With no large blowers and no septic tank, just natural organisms breaking down the waste and aerating the filter bed, there are none of the unpleasant smells you get from conventional septic tanks.

It’s reliable. Very few moving parts mean there’s very little that can go wrong with the BioPod – but just in case, it comes complete with an audible and visual alarm to alert you if there is a problem with your system.

It’s compact. The BioPod is made up of just one lightweight polymer tank, and takes up less than half the space of a typical system. That makes it easier and cheaper to transport, simpler and faster to install, and less visible in your back garden.

It’s green. Not only does the BioPod use almost no energy, the treated wastewater can be used to irrigate your lawns and gardens. That saves water for everyone, especially in drought areas. It’s also got a small carbon footprint, producing almost no methane. You can even dispose of your fruit and vegetable scraps in it.

The BioPod is manufactured from 100% recycled materials, right here in New Zealand.

How it works

The BioPod is a single polymer tank that contains a layered filter bed that separates solid waste from liquid. Inside the BioPod are micro- and macro-organisms, such as the tiger worms you find in compost, that break down the solid waste into humus and keep it aerated and odourless.

As those organisms turn the solid waste into humus, they remove contaminants and the remaining  water runs down through the treated layers. Near the bottom of the tank you’ll find a geofabric layer, and that removes the last of the fine solids that are bigger than 80 microns. Right at the bottom is the treated, filtered water – and that’s ready to be pumped out to the garden for irrigation.

There are only two parts of the BioPod that use energy other than that provided by nature. There’s a tiny air pump that keeps fresh air flowing through the BioPod, making sure that the organisms have enough oxygen to do their work. It only uses 0.12 kWhours per day – about 3 cents’ worth – compared to other aerated systems, which can use 10-20 times that amount of power.

There’s also the disposal pump, which pumps the treated effluent out to the irrigation system. This operates on demand, usually for less than 30 minutes every day. It’s capable of pumping more than 50m vertically – meaning that no matter how undulating your land is, it can be irrigated.

The beauty of the BioPod is that it’s self-sustaining. The treatment organisms are introduced when your BioPod is installed, and then their life cycle takes over. They’ll breed and keep their own populations maintained. The lack of mechanical componentry means that your BioPod will only need one service a year, and you don’t have to deal with the routine pumping of conventional septic systems.

The BioPod is a surprisingly simple system that breaks down waste just as it would in nature. And nature usually knows best.

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